Vecchia Pizzeria & Mercato

We Are Passionate about Pizza

Growing up in a large Italian family, we spent a lot of time in our nonna’s kitchen. When we decided to open Vecchia, we wanted to capture that same comfortable feeling of sitting around the table with the whole family. Yes, it gets loud and crazy at big family dinners, but there is always a feeling of love and acceptance- everyone always feels welcome. At Vecchia, we want every guest to feel like they are a part of our family. Whether you want to enjoy one of our hand-made pizzas fresh out of the brick oven or grab a growler of hand crafted beer on your way home from work, we offer something for everyone.

The first thing most people ask us about Vecchia is, “what does the name mean?” Vecchia is the Italian word for old. So, why would we call our restaurant old? We chose the name Vecchia because it represents our approach to the art of pizza making. From our hand-made brick ovens imported directly from Italy to the way we toss the dough each morning, we believe that the old ways are still the best ways.


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