Start Your Morning with Baba Java!

Coffee from Baba Java is the best way to start your morning!

Let’s be honest… Most of us can’t even start our days without a cup of coffee in the morning.

Luckily for you, Hoover visitor and residents, some pretty special places provide just the right caffeine to start your productive day!

Coffee—is the unifier of most cultures worldwide that brings people together and brings together the energy needed to dial in focus to achieve your day’s success.

Where can you find a high-quality cuppa-Joe? The answer (drum roll)—Baba Java!

This locally owned and operated specialty coffee shop and roaster provides Hoover with some of the best quality, single-origin coffee that can be found!

Through the utilization of the shop’s Ground Control batch brewer, Baba Java boasts of winning the Specialty Coffee Association Expo in 2018 due to the high-quality process epitomized in every cup of coffee.

Whether you are looking for a high-volume batch brew or a single cup of coffee, Baba Java has your back with the quality you have come to expect from local Hoover businesses.

Baba Java practices sustainable sourcing and processing of some of the rarest and most coveted coffee beans from all over the globe.

Having been the official distributor of the World Games coffee, Baba Java has continued to gain experience in bringing coffee quality to the masses.

Community Engagement

Anyone experiencing the joy of walking into Bob Java knows the atmosphere mirrors the quality coffee we have enjoyed.

Baba Java seeks not only to be a high-quality coffee resource but a special place where anyone, whether local or traveler, can experience the community engagement the coffee shop is known for fostering.

The staff, highly trained in the art of steaming, pulling shots, and preparing the perfect pour-over, greet guests with friendly smiles and warm hospitality that will complement the high-quality coffee experience.

Subscription Coffee

Those of us who live fast-paced, family event-scheduled lives often don’t have time to go to a coffee shop.

This is why the coffee and supplies subscription offered by the coffee shop makes life so convenient.

Subscribe and choose how many bags of coffee you would like delivered! One bag, ten bags, fifty bags—you choose!

The barber Java subscription also enables guests to give the gift of coffee to loved ones conveniently anywhere in the world!

By having the coffee shipped directly to your house, you don’t have to worry about braving holiday traffic or rush-hour congestion to get the bean quality you have come to enjoy each morning.

Event Catering

Another special feature Bob the Chava offers the community is the catering service!

Through airpots and carafes, guests can enjoy some of their single origin favorites during special business, friend groups, graduations, and party events outdoors or indoors.

Make sure to check with the coffee shop staff to make sure your location can have deliveries.

Come in and Enjoy!

So no matter what your day holds or where you come from, Baba Java will be your welcoming coffee friend allowing you to taste the quality of Hoover, Alabama!

Check out Baba Java on Facebook to see upcoming special announcements!

(BTW…The editor’s favorite coffee drink is the Skinny Lando Latte.)

By Ben Walker

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