5 Best places to have breakfast in Hoover- School is out edition!

5 Best places to have breakfast in Hoover- School is out edition!

1.       Tip Top Grill- This is the alpha and omega of breakfast food and views. Get the Smoked Sausage on a biscuit or get the Tip Top Special and take in all the views!

7-8 forks food, 10 forks view and fun!

2.       Big Bad Breakfast on Hwy 280- The best breakfast food in Alabama, period! This place has 100 yummy combos, but try the Redneck Benny, Steak and Eggs, and or he Big Bad Biscuits with any fresh fruit jam! 9 forks food, a few 10 forks side items. It’s all about the food here.

3.       First Watch- Another all-star menu, but try the Million Dollar Bacon, the Avocado Toast, the AM Superfoods Bowl, or anything that comes with French Toast- Hallah for more, it is so good! 9 forks food

4.       iHOP- a little sticky, a chain, but endless pancakes and decent sides still have a place for a Hoover GO TO breakfast. Their pancakes still are 8 forks, and this is the fastest way to filling up, cheap. 7 forks food, delish pancakes.

5.       Waffle House- Yes, I skipped the Ranch House, which has a good, fast, greasy breakfast, but who beats the Waffle House? And with a 10 fork waffle, it is hard to keep them off the list. Throw in 9 forks hash browns, and this quick hitter is just what the Sunday Scaries call for!


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