Enjoy—Moss Rock Preserve

Summer’s warmth is here and here to stay!

Hoover, with all its beauty and wonder, boasts of some of the most fun and accessible summer adventure places in Alabama!

Students have finished their school year, and parents are looking for creative ways to keep the family busy without having their kids bouncing off the walls. With summer approaching, Moss Rock Preserve offers a myriad of activities that can be enjoyed at whatever pace desired.

If you are looking for a fun way to enjoy the natural beauty of stair-step waterfalls tucked away in a 250-acre natural forest scene or maybe a family lunch at one of the many picnic tables near the village Vecchia Pizzeria, look no further than Moss Rock Preserve!

Family members of all ages can enjoy a break from the busy traffic of Highway 280 by retreating to this hidden natural gem that is only a few miles from Hoover Riverchase Galleria. The Preserve provides a unique nature escape within minutes of Hoover’s city attractions, allowing you to retreat for however long you need.

Nature Area Activities

Dogwood trees and tulip poplars line the trails, creating much-needed tree coverage and shade away from the Alabama heat. So, whether it is a heart-pumping trail run or a leisurely stroll, the Preserve offers an experience for everyone.

The Preserve is filled with 12 hiking trails, intersected by multiple waterfalls and calm streams. For the adventure-minded and thrill-seekers, there are longer hikes along a gradually inclining rock formation, or maybe you can take a cool dip into the calming creek water.

In addition to the miles of trails winding through the forest, no trip to Moss Rock Preserve would be complete without a view of the large boulder formations rising at the start of the trailhead.

Speaking of bouldering…

Maybe the adrenaline rush of free-climbing with your friends on one of the many large rock formations covered with chalk markings would complete your Saturday adventures! Crash pads and ropes decorate the base of the high rock walls where climbers scale them all day! Climbers of various skill levels and styles can all find the famous Moss Rock Preserve rock formations an excellent spot for top-roping and rappelling.

Dining in the Preserve

Looking for activities closer to the city?

The large field beside the restaurant area is the perfect spot for ultimate frisbee, flag football, and virtually any open-space or group sport. A paved path circles the field, welcoming any walkers and runners.

Conclude your busy day’s activities with a drink from Moss Rock Tacos and Tequila restaurant! With the vibrant colors and the mouth-watering variety of tacos they offer, this dining experience is the perfect cherry-on-top for your Moss Rock adventure!

For a family dining fare, enjoy one—or several—of the pies served on the Vecchia Pizzeria porch and watch the colorful sunset.

As gas prices are currently rising and traffic is constantly growing, low-cost beauty is a high commodity. Hoover is filled with hidden gems—like the Moss Rock Preserve—just outside your door.

Whatever the activity, whatever the age, or whatever the length of time, The Moss Rock Preserve offers something for everyone. You don’t have to travel all day to find an adventure. This one is —well—a rock’s throw away.

See you at the Preserve, Hoover!

Written by Ben Walker

By Ben Walker




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