Enjoy—Your Extremely Fun Summer

The summer is here and so is the heat (cue some “Beach Boys” tunes)!

Gone are the months of sitting inside awaiting beach volleyball and leisurely bike rides.

With so many things to do right outside our Hoover back doors, it is so important to find the right supplies.

There are so many activities to do, and places to go, it can be hard to find the right summer gear.

Seems like shops and restaurants are popping up every month throughout Hoover!

Finding that right store, with a family-friendly atmosphere, that will get you the summer supplies you need in a timely way, can be VERY challenging. Many customers turn to the online store options to ship their summer enjoyment supplies, only to find that it will take many weeks to get those back-ordered products.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait many weeks to grab your summer gear!

Extreme Sport Shop with a Beach Vibe

In Hoover you can find a special place that has all your summer beach active sport supplies! Enter—Hoover’s very own Anatole’s Bike Skate Surf Shop! This store—accessible from Highway 280—is your one-stop shop to find the right gadgets and supplies you will need for your summer activities.

Some would hear a name for a store like this, and think the store is limited to just “bike activity” stuff.

However, this special shop has so many more items, and activity enhancing equipment, then the name even begins to describe!

This new, family-run store, started by Daniel and Tami Manofsky, is outfitted with all of the recreational biking needs that you would have including E-bikes, BMX-bikes for your extreme-sport craving family member, along with a myriad of other sport activity options—including sport apparel! Upon arriving at the store you will be greeted by the bright, vibrant colors you would come to expect from a California beach-styles shop.

Situated next to the Greystone Jersey Mike’s, and Dunkin’, you can find the only vendor of the SE bike, available in Alabama! These special SE bikes are extremely (pun intended) popular and have been a highly anticipated store item available this week! Maybe you have been waiting to purchase your very own legendary SE bike—you have come to the right place at Anatole’s.

In addition to offering Wildcat Freestyle Minibikes, and Time Magazines 2021 Top 100 most influential companies—-Rad Power Bikes, Anatole’s boasts of some of the most influential biking sport brands—like the highly anticipated SE Bike available in-store this June.

Customizable bike orders and uniquely designed skateboards, for businesses like Dunkin’, are available in the shop, all within a brief drive from where you live in Hoover!

With only a brief few months away from the highly anticipated Birmingham Skateboard Park opening, your kids will want to be outfitted with just the right wheels to show off to their friends.

If you want to make your kid’s birthday party to be a truly memorable event—snag that special skateboard today. Maybe your art-minded child loves creating unique designs! Bring your child to the store to customize, from one of the store tablets, his or her uniquely memorable skateboards! There are not too many stores out there that will offer in-house, local bike and skateboard customization.

Are you into longboards, Anatole’s has the assortment you need to ride along one of the many Hoover Park sidewalks, like Veteran Park, or one of the more distant Alabama beach-city roads.

Hey bike adrenaline junkies—if skateboarding and longboarding aren’t your thing, the shop is also equipped with BMX bikes! With the special BMX tracks at Oak Mountain State Park, these wheels will offer hours of dirt-trail jumping adventure.

Maybe extreme sports are not your thing at all, and the adrenaline packed longboarding and BMX bike activities just sound too exhausting—we totally get it! Perhaps your thrill comes from cruising downtown on an electric bike enabling you to relax a little, while avoiding those high gas prices.

The shop has you covered with just the right fun!

Customize Your Adventure

Join the rest of our Hoover family down at Anatole’s for the right customized supplies. In addition to having a wide assortment of recreational bikes, the store also customizes skateboards—that’s right!

If you were looking for a customizable gift for your next company party, you can find, and have customized, a special skateboard prize giveaway.

Check out your local Anatole’s Bike Skate Surf Shop in Hoover, in the Greystone location, to prepare your birthday, summer vacation, business party, and virtually any fun activity that you can imagine this summer. With the beaches of Gulf Shores and Dauphin Island beckoning you, why not grab your E-bike from your Hoover store?

You will be prepared, no matter your physical condition, to bike in the summer heat, even when pedaling can be challenging.

No matter your summer plans, Anatole Bike Skate Surf Shop has the supplies for your extreme activity.

For some, you may be just starting out biking. For others, it may have been a long time since you mounted a bike so the shop has special training sessions—with co-founder and owner Daniel—to give you the confidence you need to cruise down the road with your special bike.

Whether you are a first time E-bike owner, an avid extreme sport enthusiast, or just looking for an activity to enjoy during the hot summer months, you will find this special beach vibe store just the place you need to go!

With fun activities, the right supplies, and so many exciting venues, Hoover is that special gem people are beginning to discover and love!

See for Yourself

Don’t waste your summer wishing that you had the right gear, check out Anatole’s Bike Skate Surf Shop to see if the shop has the right supplies you need no matter your price point and budget.

Store Hours:

Monday                  Closed

Tuesday-Friday     10am-6pm

Saturday                 9am-5pm

Sunday                    1pm-4pm


Enjoy your summer Hoover!

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