Comedy Club Stardome

comic relief at Stardome

Need a break from the daily stresses of life, the race to work, and rush hour traffic?

Thankfully for Hoover, there are many ways to relieve that tension and enjoy relaxation—even through a good laugh! Now that the shut-downs from Covid are, hopefully, a thing of the past, everyone is looking for ways to gather again.

Laughter helps us all decompress from all of the news and stress surrounding us daily.

If you are looking for high-quality comedy relief close to home that remains one of the most popular Hoover entertainment venues, look no further than your local family-owned Comedy Club Stardome!

Started on Highway 31 by Bruce Ayers in 1983, the club has experienced great change over the years. From a devastating fire to the destructive blizzard of 1993, it has faced it all.

But even through all of the challenges and changes, Comedy Club Stardome remains the premier comedy club of the Southeast!

Although the club had simple beginnings, Bruce Ayers was recognized in 1993 as the Birmingham Small BusinessMan of the Year.

From its early days the club has always sought to be a place where people from all walks of life can feel the magical effect comedy has on our souls. Beginning as a 200-seat venue in 1983, the comedy club has now grown to a 420-seat multipurpose site, hosting both local and national comedy routines and events.

The newly designed showroom seating allows all viewers to experience the “best seats in the house” from wherever the event is being viewed.

Comedy Venue Accommodations

Through revolutionary sound enhancing systems, lighting setups, and stage renovations, the club offers a state-of-the-art immersive experience that rivals many of the high-profile clubs throughout the country.

From simple beginnings to recognition as the number one comedy club of the country in its early days, Comedy Club Stardome remains a landmark event space for the city of Hoover.

Who says you have to go to Vegas to experience comedy excitement?! Throughout the summer you will find a packed schedule of entertainers and events available to various age groups and occasions.

Ready for Your Evening of Laughter?

Whether it’s enjoying a fun-filled date night at the full-service bar and restaurant or catching a limited-time act from a comedy performance, Comedy Club Stardome will offer you an evening to remember!

For more details about what Stardome has to offer in the schedule for the upcoming months, check out the Events tab.

Hoover is filled with so many activities, events, and venues few even know exist! Don’t wait until the end of summer to experience all of the joy and LAUGHTER Hoover has to offer you just outside your neighborhood door!

See you at Comedy Club Stardome, Hoover!

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