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Ladies, are you looking for stylish clothes or cute shoes? A nice purse, bag, or tote? A new scented candle, fresh perfume, soothing lotion, or a calming bath bomb? A cozy blanket and socks? Unique and beautiful jewelry? A prayer or devotion journal? The perfect home or kitchen décor? The best lake house essentials? Or even some delicious sauces? Are you looking for the perfect gift to surprise your friend with at her baby shower? Are you looking for wedding gifts or items to put on your registry? If any of those applies to you, then swing by Wrapsody to find your perfect fit at the highest quality!

Wrapsody Gift Boutique is a locally-owned company that got its beginnings in 2004. There are three locations, all in the state of Alabama. The first establishment was the store in Hoover, located in Patton Creek and off of John Hawkins Parkway. Later came the downtown Auburn and then the Trussville location.

First Impressions:

As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with a variety of colors: blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, and all the rest of the color spectrum. Then you are welcomed by a cheery voice and a warm smile from one of the employees who is ready to help you find anything you might need. They care about their customers and seek to customize your experience to best suit you. The “Wrappettes” -the name for the staff- even know many customers by name, seeking to personalize and build a relationship with their customers. Your experience is maximized and leaves you wanting to return.

The store is clean and well-organized with cute design inspiration and displays all around.

When I walked in I even happened to see the exact gift I had been given at my graduation party no less than a month ago. It was one of my favorite and most useful gifts I was given, so that immediately got me excited.

I proceeded to try on some tops and dresses in one of their neat and private fitting rooms. The rooms have full-length doors that can lock, a place to hang clothes, and two full-length mirrors to cover all angles as you try things on.


Now, this is one of my favorite topics.

As a kid -or even now- did you ever go to a store for the sole purpose of smelling all the “delicious” candles and scents? I know my friends and I did. We would go out on special occasions or birthdays to each pick out our favorite “flavors” and compare them with one another.

I would definitely still be happy doing that today.

At Wrapsody, they have a whole section dedicated to their Candle of the Month with plenty of fresh and homey smells in addition to perfumes, diffusers, air fresheners, hand sanitizers, lotions, balms, creams, bath bombs, and hand soaps. I caught a whiff of one of them soon after I entered, and I smiled remembering memories I had connected to that scent.


Jewelry is also another one of my passions, and Wrapsody’s collection did not disappoint.

They have earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair accessories all in stock. The detail, elegance, and colors of the different jewelry make the accessories unique and worthwhile. They also have a variety of designs and styles for different interests and occasions as well as a representation of multiple brands and many local artists. Their support system is a southern-style community.

There are even necklaces sold with scripture verses in the packaging, serving as a sweet reminder to whoever is receiving the thoughtful gift.

Clothes and Shoes:

A whole section of the quaint “shoppe” is dedicated to cute styles of clothes and shoes. Whatever you choose would be worth your investment. Whether you are looking for an outfit to wear to Easter Sunday, a church service, a graduation, a brunch, a tea, a party, a girls night out, a fun picnic, a simple day out, or whatever occasion you would like to dress up for, Wrapsody has a lovely option for you.


Surprisingly, there is even a section in this gift store where they sell a few kinds of bbq and hot sauces! Yum!

Their Instagram also has occasional fun recipes that they post for you to follow and make from home.


Have you ever wondered where the shop gets its interesting name? Well, the Wrapsody gift boutique is especially named because of the wrapping service that they provide. It is a play on words deriving from the word “rhapsody” meaning enthusiasm, bliss, and joy.

The store is filled with an air of enthusiasm where the intention is to buy items for someone else and share that feeling with them as well. They call it “celebrating the joy of giving.” Wrapsody also offers to wrap for you any purchase of your choosing, and it is automatically included in their customer service. In other words, free of charge! That way each considerate gift can be given the care it deserves.


The initial and local owners, Sarah Brown and Terry Shea, partnered together to build Wrapsody out of a dream that they shared with one another on a girls’ lunch date. They both wanted to bring to Hoover the same kind of homestyle store they remembered from their childhoods. So in 2004 they gathered help from friends in the area to paint, create, and support the trendy gift shop we now call Wrapsody.

And guess what? That original location still thrives today for the Hoover community to enjoy in Patton Creek!

Sorority Gifts:

Looking for an accessory or clothing that represents your or your friend’s sorority? Click on the “Greek Boutique” section on the website to find something for you! They have all kinds of fun options online for you to pick from.


The Wrapsody website is organized and easy to follow so that you can get the best out of your online experience as well!

Go to https://wrapsodyonline.com/ to browse their selection.


1028 Marble Terrace Suite 116 Hoover, AL 35244

So girls, mommas, grandmas, or whoever you are, it’s time to go enjoy a day of shopping and check out Wrapsody of Hoover for all of your gift giving needs!
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