Get the Whole Scoop on Ice Cream in Hoover

Ice Cream. The customizable and oh so tasty cold dessert we all love and enjoy. It reminds us of our childhood play and innocence, bringing back the best of memories. It is the perfect cooling sweet treat, like the cherry on top for a beautiful sunny day.

Are you looking to revisit some of those old favorite ice cream flavors, or are you ready for an adventure with some brand new ones? The Whole Scoop is the place to go. It is the perfect place for you and your loved ones to stop by to get a delicious scoop, or two, or even three. It is not only the best rated in town but also the most delicious ice cream shop in all of the city of Hoover.

The happy owners David and Sue Cohen provide for you a variety of yummy tastes paired with a joy-filled experience for the whole family. The employees serve you with kindness and a smile as you take your pick at all the options.

If you are like me and never know what to order, they are patient and ready to help you choose with the help of samples.

Are you a cookie dough lover or caramel obsessed? They bring you the best of the best with their Krazy Kookie Dough or Salted Caramel flavors.

Are you feeling a bit tropical this summer? I suggest a scoop of the Mango flavor with a scoop of Toasted Coconut. I call it “Mango Colada”.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? They have 44 tasty and creative flavors to pick from on a cup or on a cone!

Both their sugar cones and homemade waffle cones are decadent and colorful with many types to choose from. You can also add toppings to complete your dish.

The Whole Scoop does not only serve ice cream on the cone though!

They also make sundaes, milkshakes, malts, and beautiful ice cream cakes to make your day.

Are you hosting a birthday party or special event? Come order one of their customer favorite flavors or design your own custom cake.

Or is it not your birthday, but you just want a slice of that cake? You can order a personal slice all for yourself.

David is also a long-time strong supporter of the Hoover community. He believes in making his company family friendly and inviting to all.

When you walk in you can see rows upon rows of popsicle sticks signed by kids decorating the walls of the shop. Then you see the colors and the vibrance of the place. Not only is the environment and heart of the staff wonderful, but the shop itself is fun and decorated.

So whether you have kids, you are out with friends, or just needing a sweet outing yourself, come visit The Whole Scoop in Hoover today!

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