Aldridge Gardens is a Nice Escape to Nature

The summer is a special time to gather with friends and family and experience the many adrenaline-infused activities that the beaches, parks, theme-parks, and shopping malls Alabama has to offer.

Activity-packed summer schedules, however, sometimes need a break from the exciting, to appreciate the serene.

All of the sites, and events, of Hoover offer thousands of activities to enjoy. Some of the sites offer meditation, contemplation, and the simple, yet natural beauty of gardens.

The renowned beauty of Hoover continues to draw visitors from far, and local, to the many sites, both commercial and natural, that make the City of Hoover Alabama a true treasure.

Located on Lorna Road, visitors are able to access the entrance to the beautiful site so many Hoover residents have come to know and love—Aldridge Gardens.

Ever since the opening of Aldridge Gardens, in 2002, the heart of this site has been to provide visitors the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the gardens, while escaping the busy hustle of the week’s schedule.

The beautiful garden landscape, and staple hydrangea flowers, decorate the 30-acre estate of horticulturalists Eddie and Kay Aldridge. The beautiful estate draws families every day to see the natural beauty that Hoover is so known for having.

Such is the case of Aldridge Gardens, the famous Hoover landmark showing the patented Snow Hydrangea!

What to Do and See

Whether it is a walk along the half-mile trail weaving through the garden property, or peaceful contemplation by the 5-acre lake, visitors will be sure to witness the beauty and serenity of this landmark site.

New activities, throughout the gardenproperty, happen every week. Plant purchases, seminars and art shows, and scheduled weekly activities allow visitors to participate in a wide range of events.

The grounds themselves are open from 8 AM in the morning until 7 PM at night, depending upon weather conditions.

Most of the garden grounds are designed to be enjoyed and appreciated by the community, at no cost.

The gracious dream of allowing everyone, no matter the age and budget, to enjoy the natural beauty of Aldridge Gardens, continues to be evident in the activities and open layout of the garden property.

Throughout the different seasons, the gardens offer a variety of events! Some of the special activities this summer include Hydrangea Under the Stars, various camps, and bird-watching tours for members!

Check out the various scheduled activities, available to your group, through the Aldridge Gardens website!

Exploring the Natural Beauty

There are so many enjoyable things to see and do in the gardens!

As the gardens site is a living ecosystem, various animals including snakes and lizards, can be seen on the property.

Being careful to leave the natural area free from misuse, allows the grounds to be enjoyed by everyone.

The foot paths, and seating areas, are clearly marked allowing for guests to have the best possible experience available. Guests are encouraged to abide by the Garden rules for both protection and intended enjoyment, by leaving the plants untouched, and avoiding climbing on the trees.

The grounds crew works very hard to bring you the very best in the natural garden experience.

For a complete list of rules, and enjoyment enhancing instructions, access them here.

Take Memories of Aldridge Garden Experience with You

Another place you don’t want to miss is the Garden gift shop, ROOTS.

Here at ROOTS guests are able to purchase some seasonal shrubs and plants to display in their homes.

The ROOTS Garden & Gift Shop Allows guests to purchase memorable items such as gifts, crafts and accessories for friends and family, or small items to commemorate the beautiful experience of the gardens.

Visiting the quaint garden store, before exiting the grounds, gives you the opportunity to purchase that thoughtful gift for your loved one.

For a complete schedule of store operation hours, access the homepage here.

Seeing the Present through the Past

For guests desiring to see the origin of the Aldridge family’s dream, there are gallery tours of the Aldridge family estate. The tour provides perspective and appreciation for the beginnings of the garden experience.

Seeing the Aldridge Family home, and decorative beauty, helps give a foundational perspective to the legacy left for guests.

Through tours of the periodically changing on-site art gallery, like Fabric Artist Dottie West who brings to life the scenic garden beauty through her paintings and specialty-designed quilts, guests can see the art variety. Aldridge Gardens seeks to draw from the periodical rotation of various art displays within the gallery to maintain the newness of the garden experience.

In addition to the changing art gallery elements, there is also the permanent Ken Jackson Collection of Frank Fleming Sculptures.

Even the City of Hoover’s official flower bears the legacy of horticulturalist Eddie Aldridge’s patented, and once very rare, Snow Hydrangea. Nothing says “local natural beauty” like the garden-famous, white-petalled Snow Hydrangea.

The City of Hoover has supported the Aldridge Garden’s vision, maintenance, and legacy in order for visitors to continue to enjoy the rare natural experience, for the many generations to come.

If you have not yet had the privilege of seeing this garden gem, tucked away off of Lorna Road, you are in for a beautiful treat.

Mark Aldridge Gardens down on your summer event planner!

The Beauty of Hoover

There is truly no place like Hoover!

No matter your taste of enjoyment, or spirit of adventure, you will be sure to have your activity dreams met in the many sites, local tastes, and events available through your City of Hoover.

Designed to offer a variety of beauty and nature, places like Aldridge Gardens demonstrate the dedication of the Aldridge family to making your Hoover beautiful!

We will see you at Aldridge Gardens, Hoover!


We at want to give a special thanks to Aldridge Gardens for the support of the website and corresponding magazine. Through the gracious support of Aldridge Gardens, and others, is made available to you.

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