Brock’s Gap Brewing Company: Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Make plans to attending the Hoover World Games Block Party at the Brock’s Gap Brewing Company all from 11-11. The bands start up at 2:00.

Community gathering—the enjoyment of an activity, a drink, a topic, a meal, with others brings so much soul fullment to the health and wellbeing of communities.

If there is anything the pandemic has taught Alabama it is the value of community businesses.

Our City of Hoover needs the dreams, strategies, and unique natural resources to see what can emerge from challenges overcome. The stories of local Hoover business inspirations propel new generations of entrepreneurs to dream big and see the fruit possibility.

Brock’s Gap, geologically located deep in the coal and iron-rich region of the city reflects the unique blend of naturally scenic landscape with bustling business growth.

Brock’s Gap Brewery was inspired from the dream of having a community space to socialize and gather. Breweries provide that space where locals can relax from the taxing stresses of long work days, with friends and coworkers.

Community Emphasis

From humble beginnings—to local fame, Brock’s Gap Brewing is a testament to what can happen when the values of community growth and gathering intersect with a high-quality service.

Sometimes you just have to get away from the daily grind and relax. That work project, that coworker conversation, that difficult (whatever), can wait as you enjoy a couple of the brewery’s staple craft beer creations.

Flavors, styles, and hop strands have drawn from inspirations from all over the United States and from over 17 countries, making the brewery experience a true taste of excellence mixed with variety.

The concoction of flavors and presentations give Hoover residents, and visitors, the experience of far-off destinations all from the convenience of the Brock’s Gap Brewing Company space, situated across from the Hoover Met. The brewery keeps the usual crowds returning to this Hoover staple—the very first Hoover brewery!

From the friendly staff interactions, weekly event schedule, and the accommodating brewery space it is not hard to figure out why Brock’s Gap Brewing Company (BGBC) is known for valuing community.

Locals, and visitors, come from all over to experience all that BGBC has to offer the community through the wide array of taste experiences, mixed with a uniquely nostalgic story associated with each of the beer choices.

Come and experience all that the brewery has to offer through the historic vibe the atmosphere portrays, mixed with the ingenuity of special drink creations. Make your visit a relaxed evening memory.

Local Events and Facilitation

Beyond the tap list variety, the high quality Brewery site provides the artsy ambiance that facilities the whole Brock’s Gap Brewery experience!

Maybe you are looking for an excuse to unwind with your pals or gals and are looking for the perfect escape! Food available, drinks on tap, and just the right social venue to chill and have fun, make for a great night!

For those food truck foodies looking for a fun snack or full meal, the site schedules several food truck options to give brewery visitors the food menu choices specific to the night.

From the flavorful food selections of Wasabi Juan’s menu to the smoky aroma of Porky’s Pride Smokehouse your tastebuds will not be bored!

There are so many tasty food selections available to your crew to pair with your favorite drink selection.

For details on food truck schedules check out the schedule on the website.


  • Monday     3pm – 11pm
  • Tuesday     3pm – 11pm
  • Wednesday     3pm – 11pm
  • Thursday     11am – 11pm
  • Friday     11am – 11pm
  • Saturday     11am – 11pm
  • Sunday     12pm – 10pm

In addition to a colorful display of food truck choices, on occasion, Brock’s Gap Brewing Company features live music events!

Your coworker crew or significant other, can experience the live music tunes of BOB MARSTON & FRIENDS, along with other music artist groups, when you plan your visit on the event-specific days.

The brewery venue stops at nothing to bring guests the best in atmosphere and drink quality, mixing in some entertainment variety.

Hosting An Event?

With friends and out of town guests coming into town for this memorial summer’s World Games events, BGBC is sure to be a hotspot for many gatherings throughout the week.

Maybe you have out-of-town guests coming in for summer excitement and vacations, you’ll be sure to impress your friends with your blend of class and local tastes with scheduling a special event at BGBC!

The Engine Room

For those wishing to host an event, the private event space, called The Engine Room offers large groups just the AV-equipped event space.

In this private entrance room your crew will have access to four televisions and an 85-inch TV screen viewing theater.

In addition to having all of the needed acoustic performance sound system needs, to make your hosting evening a success, The Engine Room also utilizes a mobile bar specific to this hosted event space.

A carefully curated food catering service list can be accessed through locally chosen selections to allow your specialty drink and entertainment night to have just the right food choices fit for the occasion.

Contact Brocks Gap Brewing Company to set up your special event in this 76-seat room!

The Mezzanine

Maybe you are not looking for a full blown event, but rather an upscale birthday party, or group hang out space.

The brewery’s smaller event space, The Mezzanine, has the capacity to accommodate 30 guests. Although the event space is not AV accommodating, guests will have a unique viewpoint of the tap room and other sneak peeks of the brewery process, from the reserved mezzanine.

This special semi-private area allows guests to have the elite treatment and yet still feel connected to the brewery community vibe.

Community of Hoover

Drawing from the international flavors, and styles, from all over the world, this special place conveniently offers a community-centric vision for our growth and ongoing influence as a city.

Whether it is a birthday party, an after hours work hang out, a college friend reunion, or just a special date night, BGBC is here to impress!

Again, the City of Hoover brings you the benefit of quality and class from local businesses, like Brocks Gap Brewery Company, that will be sure to bring back fond memories for years to come.

Join your Hoover friends at your Hoover Brock’s Gap Brewing Company!

We at want to give a special thanks to Brock’s Gap Brewing Company for the support of the website and corresponding magazine. Through the gracious support of Brock’s Gap Brewing Company, is made available to you.


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