The Casual Pint is Fun and Games with a Side of Beer

Looking for an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing evening with your significant other? Maybe your college gals and pals are looking for a casual hang for that special reunion drink…

Hoover boasts of some of the best restaurants, entertainment clubs, family outdoor activity venues, and sports sites!

Hotels, restaurants, and sports arenas are crowded with The World Games activities and the rest of the summer schedule. Therefore planning ahead is crucial to finding the most suitable sites to host whatever event you want. The city of Hoover brings you the ultimate variety of venues!

Being in Hoover, you can choose from numerous sources of enjoyment, all within close proximity to your home. Finding just the right space to enjoy just the right event is not difficult when you know the right places.

Today check out an adult enjoyment space where you can enjoy a glass of wine, or craft beer, with your significant other.

Brought to you by the city of Hoover comes The Casual Pint!

With multiple sites throughout the country, The Casual Pint location in The Grove is a specialty bar offering some of the best quality drinks available.

The casual scene allows you to both enjoy excellence and location convenience from the comfort of a chill environment.

With locations spread throughout the United States, The Casual Pint famously offers just the space you need to relax with your friends in a “coffee bar vibe” atmosphere. The space seeks to be your comfortable zone to both enjoy and feel free to catch up with the people in your life that mean so much to you.

In the city of Hoover, there are so many spaces that offer the community you need to enjoy the summer months.

Why not make The Casual Pint a frequent stop after work hours!

Craft Beer with a Cozy Atmosphere

Step into The Casual Pint and experience the relief the brewery space offers in a friendly environment. Everything you could want to relax and feel the calm vibe of the summer is here while sipping on a B. Nektar Zombie Killer draft or maybe a Back Forty Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale.

With locations spread throughout the United States, The Casual Pint famously offers just the space you need to relax with your friends in a “coffee bar vibe” atmosphere.

The space seeks to be your comfortable zone to both enjoy and feel free to catch up with the people in your life that mean so much to you.

Trivia Nights and Other Live Events!

Throughout the week there are so many fun events for you to hop into! The Casual Pint’s Facebook page can help keep you up-to-date with a fun events calendar!

Check out:  The Casual Pint Facebook page

Locals and out-of-town guests can catch some live tunes from artists like the D.B. Cooper Duo on Saturday July 9th at 7pm, or maybe an acoustic live with Craig Hendricks on July 8th!

Stop in for a not-so-relaxing—but EPIC—themed game night! Bring on the challenge! From time to time the Valhalla Board Game Café will be on-site to sponsor some of these thrilling events you will be sure to love.

Themes like Top Gun and Harry Potter will be featured in the month of July!

So Many Choices!

The various choices aren’t limited to draft beers but also include many wines and non-alcoholic drink choices.

The wide array of drink choices allows the casual pint to meet all of your group members’ drink choices.

If your idea of a relaxing evening is a specialty vineyard Ca’ Furlan Prosecco Brut or maybe an elegant La Crema Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc, you have come to the right place!

The staff will be happy to assist you with any drink recommendations and seasonal favorites. Check out the unique drink options like Peanut Butter & Jelly Squeeze, Blood Orange Berliner-Weisse, Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale, and

Bring the Brew Party to Your Event!

There are so many beer choices to choose from with the vast selection of brew options—AND the variety of options.

Have trouble making decisions? Maybe you struggle to choose just ONE beer option—well, don’t worry!

The Casual Pint allows you to refill a six-pack to enjoy six different beer options at your leisure. The Casual Pint’s Mix-A-Six – To Go allows you to choose several beer options for your various occasions and taste preferences.

Maybe you are planning for a bigger gathering!

With the summer here, there are so many fun large group gatherings to enjoy. Having the right volume of refreshments is key to hosting larger groups.

The Casual Pint has you covered with just the right size-to-go options, from individual bottles to the growlers or the massive keg selection.

Don’t allow the group size to limit the fun you can experience with your group. Make sure you give at least a three-day notice ahead of the event to allow the staff to prepare your unique beer order selection.

Stay up-to-date on all of the local bar’s unique flavors listed on the website and special deals by contacting The Grove location.

You will be the life of the party when you break out the six-pack or keg of one of the unique beer delights crafted for your event enjoyment.

For those who prefer a non-alcoholic option, there is a complete list of sodas, and CBD water choices, to offer at your special event. Options like Cirrus Kata CBD water, Sprecher Craft Soda, and other decisions. No one is left out of The Casual Pint party!

Hungry for More Casual Pint Choices?

Don’t skip dinner! Maybe your event at The Casual Pint goes late into the evening, and you begin to feel hungry. Stay on-site to enjoy some tasty food selections available to guests and local fans.

There are many great food options available to you from The Casual Pint kitchen, such as some of the traditional or spicy wings, cheese curds, chicken quesadillas, hummus, the Drunken Master craft beer-marinated pretzel bun brat, and Sriracha Chili Bourbon Meatballs, along with many other food choices.

Top off your evening dinner enjoyment with a special lava cake or maybe an apple blossom from The Pint’s kitchen.

What better way to say “thank you for visiting Hoover” than with a special gift card to The Casual Pint! Gift cards can be purchased online and emailed to your lucky beer enthusiast recipient.

With rising gas prices and schedule changes, The Casual Pint has made ordering your favorite draft beer selections convenient and fast through the online ordering feature available on the website.

The Casual Pint, like the many other Hoover restaurants and stores available to the residents of Hoover, provides the best community enjoyment you can experience this summer.

Plan your casual date night with The Casual Pint in mind!

See you there, Hoover!

We at want to give a special thanks to The Casual Pint for the support of the website and corresponding magazine. Through the gracious support of The Casual Pint is made available to you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

By Ben Walker

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