David Bannister: Food Blogger and Hoover Resident

Meet David Bannister. He is a local Hoover foodie and CEO of FOMO!

I am a Hoover resident of 25 plus years. I pride myself on finding the most delicious, most enjoyable, and best overall restaurants/foods in Hoover. I also have a terminal case of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

I love this city and the abundance of food options it has to offer. So, Enjoy Hoover, my mission is to give anyone in Hoover (resident or guest) an insider’s guide, using a 10 Fork rating system on what to have, what to order, and where to go.

Q&A with Hoover Food Blogger David Bannister:

How long have you lived in Hoover?  

Since 1998

What brought you to Hoover? 

Work and the School System

What kept you in Hoover?

Hoover Football, and Hoover is the epicenter of new things in Alabama.

What do you want people to know about you?

I love travel, food, sports, family, and I have FOMO.

I’ve enjoyed serving on numerous Hoover organizations boards, being appointed to two terms on a school board, starting a kindness charity in leadership for Hoover-Neighborhood Bridges, starting two business in Hoover, and watching my kids experience life in Hoover. They have played in Hoover youth sports and grown up in Hoover City Schools, and Kelly and I now live and will retire in Hoover at Abingdon by the River. We love it here. We love Hoover.

What are your favorite Hoover foods? 

Top five Hoover Dishes

  • Deep Dish at Tortugas
  • Burger at Whiskey Foxtrot
  • Sliced Bbq Plate at Archie’s
  • Lemon Pepper Wings at Beef’s
  • Chicken Parm at Costas

What do you do for entertainment in Hoover?

We love the new Brock’s Gap Brewery for some fun. Listen to local artists at Beef’s at the Grove. Golf at Robert Trent Jone Trails. First Fridays at Abingdon by the River. Friday Nights at the Met for Hoover Football. Pickleball at the Finley. Riding our Golf Cart in Lake Wilborn. Walking the Trails on the Cahaba.

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