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Hoover Fun for Families!

The summer is here! NOW, is the time to plan your summer activities in Hoover!

The City of Hoover boasts of so many fun-filled events, venues, and restaurants that will have you asking—why travel millions of miles away to experience the fun available right here in my city’s backyard?

Your kids are out of school, you’ve got unused vacation days, and lots of energy pulsing through your house. The weather is getting more hot and humid as you constantly search for fun activities indoors.

Have you ever said or heard someone say, “This (fill in the blank) will have the kids bouncing off walls”?

Well what if bouncing off walls was a good thing and something you could plan as an activity? (And not your house’s walls.)

There is a way to direct that bottled-up energy waiting to bounce out. The answer—DEFY!

If you are looking for some creative ways to bounce into the summer, we’ve got a great activity brought to you by the city of Hoover. Defy the norms of previous summers with exciting adventures for kids of all ages—including your inner kid that is looking for an adrenaline rush!

Activities for Kids and Teens!

Defy the society constraints of predictability with DEFY Extreme Air Sports. Unlike your average trampoline park, DEFY brings to you almost any imaginable trampoline jumping fun.

Few places offer the combination of safe and adventurous in the same location, but DEFY defies the odds and brings you an exciting blend of sports—like extreme dodgeball, high-flying basketball, wall trampoline adventure, and lots of other open-jumping activities.

For those inclined more towards stealth and finesse, there is a trapeze, a stunt fall, AND a ninja course. Unleash the “dare-devil” in you as you and your family defy the forces of nature or weave through the foam pits letting your imagination take you on a labyrinth of exploration!

In addition to the bounce fun available from the trampolines there is a—drumroll please— zip line!!

The activities provided at DEFY allow families to channel all of that built-up energy into a place literally built for fun—all within a short drive of your Hoover neighborhood!

Schedule Your Hoover Adventure

There are so many things to enjoy that will make you the hero of any birthday party planning group as you set up your summer itinerary.

Whatever the event, whatever the high-energy group, and whatever the trampoline goal, DEFY has you and your group set for fun you will love!

This summer is the chance you have been waiting for to raise the bar in family fun without “breaking the bank”. Anytime you can combine fun into affordable and safe, you have scored the winning combination to find the ultimate summer activity that will build exciting memories for years to come.

Hurry and make plans! DEFY is open daily 10 AM-8 PM Monday through Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9 AM-10 PM, and Sunday 10 AM-7PM. Ticketed admission is good to pre-set a time optimal for your group activity.

The bounce adventure awaits your crew at DEFY Extreme Air Sports.

See you there, Hoover!

Written by Ben Walker

Written by Ben Walker






(Feature photo taken from Defy Gravity Website)

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