Enjoy—Swing Into Hoover!

PGA TOUR Superstore

Hoover Friends!

What are your summer vacation plans? Hoover has so many choices!

I totally get it.

There are so many fun things to enjoy to focus our minds on what will make our summer months awesome! Summer is such a fun time to bring family members together and grow friendships. Sometimes the question of “what” to do can be challenging when Hoover boasts of so many enjoyable activities.

If you are looking for an exciting outdoor sports’ gear option—and you love golf—then I’ve got just the place you need to go.

Think of this place as the “ultimate golf superstore” experience!

Let me unpack this.

The PGA Tour Superstore is your one-stop-shop to purchase, train with, and explore the many golf supplies you are looking for. Seriously, I am talking about a learning center, club fitting, repairs, trade-ins, special lessons, calendar events, and a huge selection of some of the top name-brand golf supplies available on the market!

Sometimes getting the right gear, training, and advice, can be an intimidating and—let’s be honest—expensive ordeal. Well—thankfully your shopping concerns can be put at ease with a visit to your PGA Tour Superstore.

Prepare to have your “golf store” expectations exceeded!

The Tournament & Event Manager, Tony Marino, described the heart of PGA Tour Superstore in saying,
“we are a local resource for the city and beyond, that always seeks to maintain a positive relationship with golfers and other stores.”

Let’s break this down.

No one wants to spend tons of money on clutter, or items you will simply re-gift, right? Our money is the target of so many ads, gimmicks, and marketing schemes.

Having the right information, about those special sports items that you are sure to use in years-to-come, is so vital. Luckily for our Hoover residents you have access to the best subject matter experts available for all of your golf needs, with the PGA Tour Superstore.

The shop will provide you with just the details you need to both practice and purchase the right golf clubs that will fit you like (pun intended) a glove!

One of the key benefits the PGA Tour Superstore has to offer is its ability to tailor its adult practice sessions into 6-pack lessons, 3-pack lessons, or in a single event lesson from some of the best instructor talent available. By utilizing the store’s expertise, with state-of-the-art accommodations in the practice bays, the store allows customers to receive specific instructions to each individual’s needs.

Products and Brands

The facility offers a wide array of top-of-the-line brands from some of the best gear on the market enabling that club swing to feel the ease of true quality. What good is scheduling that coworker weekend golf outing or couples’ tee time if you are ill-prepared with sub-par equipment?

Luckily, for our Hoover community, you have the opportunity to purchase clubs like the Callaway Maverick 2022 Iron Set or maybe a set of the new Taylormade Stealth Irons.

The store carries so many high-end Taylormade, Callaway, Mizuno, Ping, Wilson, Tour Edge, Cleveland, Srixon, Titleist, Xxio, Cobra, Honda Golf, and others! You would be hard-pressed to find a better selection, along with the facilitating store accommodations, to rival what the PGA Tour Superstore has to offer.

Other Fun

In addition to a wide array of club selections, the store also has all of the needed accessories to help you dial in your game from GPS systems, bags, rangefinders, simulators, swing analyzers, speakers, gloves, and even things like headphones. You have to see to believe the assortments available.

For more details about what the store has to offer, reference the lineup of products from the website, of your local Hoover store.

Kid-specific Items

Of course the store factors in our younger aspiring golfers with a well-stocked kids’ section featuring kid-specific items.

Those early years are so formative in creating lasting sports habits, so having the right tools and technique are crucial in golf skill growth.

Make sure to grab your kids’ age-specific clubs and apparel fit for just the right size and ability. The highly-qualified staff will be able to make the needed recommendations, and answer your questions, to make sure you receive the right advice.

Excited about visiting the store?

Hoover’s store General Manager Jerry Ingram’s influence, in providing exemplary customer service, and community outreach, is seen in all of the interactions between the customers and staff.

Every customer coming into the store is acknowledged, by the staff, as being honored guests.

Join the rest of our Hoover community to get outfitted with just the right fun experience to level-up your summer’s activities.

With the World Games just around the corner and all of the crowds the Game’s festivities will draw, hurry and make sure you get exactly what you are looking for to truly bring your golf A-game to your weekend!

Whether it is teeing off at Oak Mountain State Park’s green, or maybe the luxurious RTJ Ross Bridge Golf Trail site, you will be sure have the right outfitting through your visit to the PGA Tour Superstore.

We will see you there, Hoover!

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