Hoover Alabama’s Own Dog Park

Enjoy Hoover Lock Haven Dog Park

Searching for that special place where your furry friend can play and run free?

Hoover has just the place for you and your dog—at Loch Haven Dog Park!

You and your dog will enjoy the free-range freedom of this specially designed dog park, blending both the safety and the space needed for your pet to enjoy playing. The dog park is just off Rocky Ridge Road in Hoover in the Lock Haven neighborhood at 3517 Lock Haven Drive.

A Hoover Dog Park Equipped for Your Pet’s Enjoyment

Situated on a 17-acre space, including a .4-mile walking path and creek access, your furry friend can run, jump, bark and play until its heart is content. The park has a carefully designed exterior fence to contain your energetic dog’s roaming capacity safely. In addition, there are agility courses designed for challenge and training.

Mix the fun and training into one place as the site’s courses provide just the right blend with two separate fenced in areas.

Multiple agility course challenge features lend to the right learning opportunities in this 17-acre space.

With all of this space, it is hard to find something not to enjoy.

Visitors to the park, please remember Hoover has lease law and will fine violators. Law: Pets must be on a leash attached to the hand of the owner or person in charge unless contained by perimeter boundaries such as above ground or under ground fencing.

Equipped for Your Whole Family’s Enjoyment

Bring the whole family and make a day of it! The Loch Haven site not only enables your fur baby to enjoy the open range but also your kiddos will be able to run free also. The playground area enables your kids to explore the sliding wonder and glide through the air on the swings, all within the convenience of the park’s dog attractions.

The substantial open field provides the needed space to enjoy that soccer game your kids are practicing for or maybe an ultimate frisbee game with your friends.

Somebody says, “lunch”?

Bring a picnic lunch to relax under the shade of the park trees OR under the pavilion roof, shielding park visitors from the Alabama seasonal weather. The park tables and pavilion area will provide the needed reprieve from all of the high-energy playing.

Your Loch Haven Fun, Off the Beaten Path of Life

Whatever your reason—and need for escape from the busy Loch Haven Park will offer all of the required space in this off-the-beaten-path location.

We, like our pets, can feel trapped by the confines of daily life. Yet, all of us know the exhilaration nature brings with its fresh air and natural environment—why not give your special pet the gift of outdoor freedom?

Furry Friends and kids of all ages are welcome to this unique Hoover gem at Loch Haven, Hoover’s Dog Park!

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