The Trak Shak: Run Into the Fall Like a Champ

The season may be winding down, but for those who love being outdoors and enjoying the many walking paths, running tracks, and trails of Hoover, the perfect outdoor weather is just beginning!

The Trak Shak is your one-stop running and race information hub to run into your Fall season the right way!

Organizations like Championship RacingCadence Run CoachingCadence180 ConsultingMotion TherapyResolute RunningBirmingham Track ClubFagan Sports Lifestyle MedicineThe Farm, and other running resources are a part of this special running network of partnerships.

At both Hoover Trak Shak location you will be able to talk with running professionals who know what you need to score winning running shoes to prep for that event.

Beginning in 1995, by Valeria McLean, as a runner’s destination to get outfitted for upcoming races, the shop has expanded into three locations with an expanded variety of footwear options. No longer does the shop simply cater to the needs of runners, but it offers opportunities for CrossFit, walking, and hiking!

The goal of The Trak Shak is to be the premier running resource site for all-things-running through the best shoe choices available, fitting advice, race schedules, and event hosting supply resources.

Beyond racing, you will enjoy all the shoe options for workouts, walking, standing, and hiking. Hoover has a store location at Brock’s Gap, as well as off of Hwy 280 in Inverness Village, to accommodate runners from all parts of the city!

You bring your activity—the experts here can advise.

Let’s see what The Trak Shak has to offer!

Expert Footwear Advice

The team of friendly experts at The Trak Shak will be able to direct your concerns, goals, and footwear needs to just the right shoe solutions.

By offering premier brands like Nike, Hoka, On Cloud, Asics, Saucony, Brooks, New Balance, The North Face, and so many others, the shops will be able to tailor your foot needs to just the right options.

Have a group of runners or joggers needing fitting advice?

Call The Trak Shak to schedule a night to have team members from the shop host a healthy footwear session, called “Team Nights”, where the staff provides the proper fitting and support advice. The beautiful thing is the advice received can save your crew of runners from purchasing the wrong shoes and wasting time and money.

But what about the younger runners and walkers in my family?

The Trak Shak will provide the right Altra shoe options for your kiddos as they run back into school.

Event Scheduling and Outfitting

Have an upcoming race this Fall?

Maybe you are new to the area and want to know what races are upcoming in Hoover.

The Brock’s Gap and 280 shop can provide the racing packets needed for a scheduled run. Check out the schedule here to plan your next race event on the shops’ website.

In addition to the shoe options, the stores also offer various apparel choices in different styles and activity focuses.

The Right Time

If you are looking to host a race event for your company, The Trak Shak, through The Right Time, can outfit you with the needed finish-line inflatable, chute, and large digital clock. In addition, by setting up Race Timing with The Trak Shak, your race crew will be supplied with the needed bibs, Powerade, cups, and coolers as part of your race plan.

For details about supplying the race you are setting up, call the shop to make a reservation.

Have racing needs—The Trak Shak has the solutions!


What races are upcoming?

Check out the calendar to see what races are happening in the city throughout the Fall, like Ross Bridge 8k & Health Expo in September. The calendar will keep you informed of what racing excitement to expect this Fall. ALSO check out the link below to The Trak Shak’s Facebook Group to stay in the loop!

You are being directed to The Trak Shak Facebook Group Link

You will have access to the results of the various races in the city during the event and after.

The well-trained staff can provide answers or direction to scheduling and the various organization-run sponsorships.

Weekly Runs

The famous The Trak Shak weekly run has arrived at Brock’s Gap!

On Monday evenings each week, The Trak Shak hosts a community run, allowing anyone desiring to get into running to join for a 3 or 5-mile run in the Brock’s Gap area. Brock’s Gap is the perfect area to enjoy the natural tree coverage with well-made paths to facilitate the best running experience.

If you are visiting Hoover and are looking for a fun and healthy way to connect with Hoover locals and visitors, this weekly event may be just the thing!

Map of the Brock’s Gap Monday evening weekly running route hosted by Track Shack

Brock’s Gap Monday Run Route

On Mondays, you will be supplied with the needed packet, special event details, and a demo run to make the running experience awesome!

Check out the map above to see the new route coming to Brock’s Gap area.

Fostering a Community

The Trak Shak’s heartbeat is to connect the community to experiences we all love to enjoy with friends and family. The Trak Shak is a company that will make you feel like you can confidently receive advice.

Through local community involvement and connection, the shops stays true to its vision for providing the Birmingham area with just the right footwear and uses information events to make your stay in Hoover genuinely memorable!

Fall is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy all that Hoover offers in its scenic trails and family-friendly venues, providing the perfect blend of fitness and fun.

So, welcome to Hoover and the shop that can enhance your Hoover running experience!

  • The Trak Shak 280, 205-408-5723, 4700 US-280 #9, Birmingham, AL 35242
  • The Trak Shak at Brock’s Gap, 205-506-2480, 1031 Brocks Gap Pkwy Suite 179, Hoover, AL 35244


Written by Ben Walker

Written by Ben Walker

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